School Policing Unit – A Partnership of the Port Jervis City School District, Port Jervis Police Department and the Town of Deerpark Police Department

During the start of the 2018 School Year in September, the Port Jervis City School District in partnership with the Town of Deerpark and the City of Port Jervis Police Department collaborated to create a shared services and mutual aid agreement to provide joint inter-agency policing of all Port Jervis City School District Facilities in the City of Port Jervis and Town of Deerpark. to provide a police presence in all District buildings utilizing part time police officers selected from each agency. The purpose of this program is to help ensure the security and safety of the various educational campuses that make up the Port Jervis City School District.  The program provides a forum through which students, parents, faculty, school administrators, and police officers can become acquainted and as a result earn mutual respect.  This program also demonstrates the City of Port Jervis and the Town of Deerpark’s commitment to partner with our school district to enhance the safety of our learning community.

The Port Jervis City School District funds the program by reimbursing each municipality the costs of staffing school buildings with a school police officer.  The Town of Deerpark and City of Port Jervis has committed to share the cost of the program by working in collaboration to share resources to supervise and provide program management, security scheduling, equipment, training and other resources to ensure our school district receives the support and service necessary to protect and serve the students and members of staff and faculty.  The City of Port Jervis Police Department selected five recently retired officers from the Port Jervis Police Department and the New York City Police Department who served distinguished careers as police officers, supervisors, investigators and crime prevention officers specializing in juvenile aid, school resource and drug abuse resistance education to work with our partners at the Town of Deerpark Police Department to provide this important service. 

Program Highlights

  • Part time Port Jervis and Deerpark police officers work together to provide mutual aid coverage in all school facilities to act as a liaison with the Port Jervis City School District to provide direct community oriented law enforcement services to protect and serve the students, staff and visitors of school district facilities.
  • The role of police officers assigned to the school is focused toward school district facility and grounds to enhance school safety by promoting rapport with students and providing a positive, visible presence which results in strong relationships among the school, police departments and the community.
  • The Officers assigned to this highly specialized unit work in a diligent and preventative manner with the students and provide strategies with school administration and staff to improve the safety and security of the school learning environment. School Police Officers further provide additional resources to the school in relation to his or her knowledge of the law and specialized training.


  • Providing a highly experienced police officer to provide highly visible policing services to protect and serve the staff, students and visitors utilizing Port Jervis School District educational facilities.
  • Providing a timely and effective police response to law enforcement needs that arise in the school setting. 
  • Identify and proactively intervene in an attempt to resolve school-related problems and issues.
  • Building a better relationship between the school, police and the youth of our community to prevent and detect threats to schools.

Mutual Aid Plan- City and Town Policing

  • The Town of Deerpark and the City of Port Jervis have enacted a mutual aid plan that provides officers of each jurisdiction with full policing authority and coverage by their respective employer when providing assigned policing services at the Middle School, High School, Anna S. Kuhl School and Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School campuses to enhance our abilities to provide a multiple response and proactive presence to our learning community.

School Police Officers:

SPO James Flynn

SPO Jason Vicchiariello

SPO Scott Robertson

SPO Michael Hockenberry

SPO Dennis Seger


William J. Worden, MPA

Chief of Police

Port Jervis Police Department

20 Hammond St

Port Jervis, NY 12771

Office: (845)856-5101

Fax: (845)858-4078


“All the great things are simple, and

many can be expressed in a single

word: freedom, justice, honor, duty,

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