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Juvenile Aid

Juvenile Aid Bureau / D.A.R.E

The Juvenile Aid Bureau is responsible for the investigation of crimes committed by juveniles as well as providing information to parents regarding the different avenues that can be explored for a positive outcome with a troubled child.  The Port Jervis Police Department is committed to the development and implementation of programs designed to reach out to the youth of the community and establish positive relationships, and to prevent and control juvenile delinquency and other behavior that impacts on the quality of life in our community.  The Juvenile Officer works closely with our local schools, acting as liaison between the school and our local police department.   The JAB officer provides classroom lectures to students regarding Halloween Safety, Seat Belt & Bicycle Safety,  Citizenship and Respect, General Youth Safety Topics and Bully Prevention.  In addition, members of the Police Department attend community and school sponsored events to promote positive interactions with our youth including “National Night Out Against Crime”, “Career Day”, “School Health Fairs”,  & “Rachel’s Challenge Chain reaction Day” presentation.  The Port Jervis Police Department prides itself in developing a good working relationship with our community to improve the overall quality life for our residents and our youth.

The D.A.R.E.  Officer is responsible for presenting the ten week Drug Abuse Resistance Education, commonly known as the D.A.R.E. Program to all fifth graders at the Anna S. Kuhl elementary school and a refresher seminar to all eighth grade students at the Port Jervis Middle School.  The D.A.R.E. program teaches the students how to resist drugs, tobacco and alcohol; how to stand up against negative peer pressure; internet safety; and how to resist and avoid violent situations. This unique program uses uniformed law enforcement officers to teach a formal curriculum to students in a classroom setting. The program also allows an officer to work with children to help raise their self-esteem, teach them how to make decisions on their own, and help them identify positive alternatives to drugs and violence.


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