City of Port Jervis Police Department Roster

Uniformed Patrol and Detective Division

Contact Telephone Number: 845-856-5101 (Main)
Number of Personnel:  57  (Including part time civilian support staff)
Main Telephone line and Confidential TIPS Line:   845-858-4003


Office of the Chief of Police

Chief William J. Worden


Lt. John Fitzpatrick

Lt. Christopher Sargente

Lt. William VanInwegen


Sgt. Kevin Moscatiello | Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Robert Card | Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Nicole McGowan | Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Daniel Mioglionico | Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Andrew Dillinger | Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Thomas Kimiecik | Shift Supervisor

Investigative  Personnel

Lieutenant William VanInwegen |
Investigations and Special Services    845-858-4019

Lieutenant Christopher Sargente | Assigned to Orange County Child Abuse Task Force

Det. Sgt. Kevin Moscatiello

Det. Michael Decker      845-858-4071

Det. Peter Washalski | Juvenile Aid Unit Detective      845-858-4073

Det. Ryan Kievit      845-858-4084  

Office Support Staff

Mrs. Kristin Colley | Admin. Assistant to Chief of Police

Pastor Tom Zahradnik | Police Chaplain

Police Officers

P.O. Andrew Haniuk and Canine Roan

P.O. Richard Santini

P.O. Jesse Clune

P.O. Patrick Kerr

P.O. Kyle Mitchell

P.O. Stanley Buczek III

P.O. Mackenzie Decker

P.O. Christopher Mehedin

P.O. Thomas Osowick

P.O. Joseph DiCarlo

P.O. Matthew Bisland

P.O. Seth Mortenson

P.O. Nicholas Osowick

P.O. Robert Breault

P.O. Meghan Ede

P.O. Jennifer Tolentino

P.O. Conner Decker

P.O. Tyler Wagner

P.O. Manuel Medeiros

P.O. Christopher Doss


School Policing Unit

S.P.O. James Flynn

S.P.O. Scott Robertson

S.P.O. Dennis Seger

S.P.O. Kevin Reiley

S.P.O. Robert Krentz

S.P.O. Jeffery Legato

S.P.O. Alexander Cruz

Central Communications Unit
Civilian Dispatchers, Clerks

Mr. Scott Glynn

Mr. Andrew Witkowski

Mr. James Thompson

Mrs. Danielle Glynn

Mr. John Barbarino

Mr. James Ritchie

Ms. Kara Angeloni

Mrs. Wendy Warnock-Fago

Mr. Matthew Conklin

School Crossing Guard Unit

Ms. Patricia Rennish

Mr. Joseph Sexton

Ms. Denise Raffone

Jean Holland

Animal Control Unit

Mr. Jeffrey Ewing

Police Matrons

Ms. Linda Ryerson

Ms. Ronnie Goia