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Canine Division

Canine Division

The Port Jervis Police Canine Unit was founded in March of 2009. This was the department’s first canine unit and it largely resulted from grant funding, community donations and the generous assistance of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

PO William Conklin, at the time a 9 year veteran of the Port Jervis Police Department, was chosen as the department’s first canine officer. PO Conklin attended several canine testing meets where he was able to work with several canines to gauge which one best fit he and the department’s needs. PO Conklin worked with numerous canines and found a perfect match in a Slovakian German Shepherd.

When it came time for Officer Conklin to name his canine partner, he decided to name him Mac in memory and honor of our beloved and honored brother, Officer John MacKechnie, who was the only officer ever killed in the line of duty in the City of Port Jervis.

PO Conklin and canine Mac began their training together at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Canine Training Facility in March of 2009. The first four months of training consisted of tracking, article recovery, criminal apprehension and building searches. The next two months consisted of narcotics detection training. The training Officer Conklin and Mac received is certified by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Bureau of Municipal Police. Officer Conklin and canine Mac graduated the training academy in October of 2009 and are also members of the United States Police Canine Association. Both Officer Conklin and Canine Mac served with distinction and retired from active law enforcement service together in April 2017. Sadly, Mac later passed on shortly after his retirement.

In March 2017, Officer Andrew Haniuk, a veteran patrol officer serving since 2006 with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection Police and the City of Port Jervis Police Department since 2008, was selected by the City to serve as Officer Conklin’s replacement. With the generous assistance of District Attorney David Hoovler who allocated $5,000.00 in asset forfeiture money for the continuation of this program and continued guidance by Sgt. David Campbell of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, canine Roan was purchased and he and his partner, Officer Haniuk, began the rigorous six month training program at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Canine Training Academy to become dually certified by the State of New York as a patrol/narcotics detection canine team. 

PO Haniuk and canine Roan are true partners who train, work and patrol together and live together along with PO Haniuk’s family. They spend time together exercising and attend two rigorous training monthly at the Sheriff’s Training Facility to maintain their certification. Officer Haniuk and K-9 Roan work daily patrolling the City and practice community policing to protect and serve the residents and visitors of our community. The Port Jervis City Police Department Canine Team responds to mutual aid requests throughout Orange County and neighboring states to assist other law enforcement agencies to fulfill their public safety missions. 

The Port Jervis Police Department regularly accepts community-based donations to assist with maintaining the canine program using the funds to purchase food, equipment, medical care and supplies for Roan. Any person or organization wishing to donate to the program are encouraged to send checks payable to the Port Jervis Police Canine Program c/o the City of Port Jervis, 20 Hammond Street, Port Jervis, NY 12771. Agencies or organizations wishing to know more about the Canine Program are encouraged to contact Officer Haniuk at 845-856-5101 or email him at

Officer Hank and Roan

Officer Conklin and Mac