Office of Mayor Decker – Press Release

Press Release
April 12, 2019
City of Port Jervis: Mayor Kelly Decker

The Common Council and the Mayor’s Office have recently been made aware of the fact that its Building Inspector, David Rivera, was arrested. The Common Council and the Mayor’s Office have been, and will continue, to cooperate with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.

An administrative investigation is being conducted into the underlying facts of the arrest. Pending the completion of that investigation, Mr. Rivera is being placed on administrative leave. The Mayor’s Office is working with the experienced staff in the building department as well as our city engineer to continue smooth operations of that department during Mr. Rivera’s absence.

If anyone needs assistance from the building department, they may reach department personnel at 845-858-4080 or email for questions or to set up an appointment. Any other inquiries may be made to the Office of the Mayor at 845- 858-4017 or

Thank you,
Kelly B. Decker Mayor